Moonlight Racing is proud and excited to bring you Diamond Design! This is a new brand launched by us for big brake kits and accessories. Inspired by what we saw overseas and the lack of customisable kits in Ne Zealand we have worked hard to bring something affordable and stylish to the market.

By having 15 awesome colours to choose from to colour both the rotor hat and the calipers means you will be able to have a unique set of high performance brakes to match your style. These are available from small 4 pots right up to massive 8 pots and our kits come with everything you need to simply bolt on install and drive.

This set is fitted to a high power R32 GT-R. 8 Pot 380mm!

Have just done this black on black 330mm 6 pot set for a DC2 race car. Customer is very happy with the first outing after Honda Cup this last weekend.

He is running Endless pads, no fade, no overheat, no warp!

This set went on a VIP Y34 Cedric, he likes purple!

Definitely had a few rad things through recently!

Brent with our 6 pot option getting prepared for the upcoming season!

This Evo 6 with our first set to go through cert, also sporting 6 pot up front.

These whoppers for my own Crown, 6 pot 380mm up front, 4 pot 356 down back.

All positive feedback!

Because safety is important we've had the brake lines and brackets tested independently here in New Zealand and they pass with flying colours.

So if you're looking for something that is largely looked over to stand out from the rest get in touch with us. We have kits starting from $1999 shipped!

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