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Thread: [Vic] EOI: 2001 DC2R

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    Default [Vic] EOI: 2001 DC2R


    Hi Everyone,

    EOI: 2001 Honda Integra Type R (DC2) Ė 151,000kms Ė Geelong, Victoria

    Posting an expression of interest on here before I commit to selling, hereís a quick background as to why.

    After getting married late last year and as life progresses, itís time I start prioritising other things and first of which is obtaining a more practical, family friendly car (hopefully something still a bit fun!). Funds canít be stretched to have both the DC2R and another car (with houses and what not on the horizon) and so it is with somewhat reluctance that I have to let the car go. Currently about to be moving house and have a little bit of travel for work coming up so wonít be selling the car right now, but itíll definitely be up for grabs likely in 3-4 weeksí time. As such I thought Iíd see if there was any interest within this community prior to posting it on carsales etc in a few weeks as Iíd prefer it to go to a home where it is appreciated. Popping it up early so as to not be in a rush to sell, will happily wait for the right owner/price.

    The car is no stranger to the forum with a previous owner being a part of this community so Iím sure itís known by some members as well as documented a bit too. Donít need to talk the carís capabilities up in this space as Iím confident you all know how competent and fun a DC2R is along some twisty roads!

    Car itself is very clean inside and out with loads of extras which Iíll list below. These cars are becoming less common as time goes on and they simply just donít make machines of this raw enjoyment anymore (with safety and emission laws getting in the way).

    ***NOTE: In order to be open and honest, this car has been listed WOVR/Revs check due to having the Recaros stolen from it many years ago prior to my ownership). There has been NO cosmetic or structural damage to the car and seats were replaced with genuine Recaros from another DC2R***

    High quality and some very rare parts found on this car and I have serviced it religiously every 5,000kms and used only 98 octane fuel (as I do with all cars Iíve owned).

    - SPOON SPORTS CLUSTER (exceptionally rare, if you somehow find another one, itíll cost you $$$!)
    - Integra Type R boot mat
    - Integra Type R arm rest/centre console
    - S2000 start button
    - Aftermarket cruise control
    - Oil temperature gauge
    - Tech Edge AFR gauge
    - Buddy Club short shifter
    - Skunk 2 titanium gear knob
    - JBL rear speakers with amp (can quickly be removed in seconds if you donít want extra weight)
    - Mongoose alarm with remote entry

    - JDM auto folding wing mirrors
    - Weather shields/window visors
    - 16Ē JDM ITR wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan AD08R (quality rubber)

    - Spoon Sports front strut bar
    - OEM rear strut bar
    - Koni adjustable dampers with lowered springs (after having coilovers on previous cars, these are far more comfortable)
    - Hardrace camber arms
    - Subframe reinforcement brace
    - NSX NA1 front callipers with slotted rotors

    - Lightweight flywheel
    - Mugen Cold Air Intake (unreal induction noise when vtec engages)
    - J Racing engine damper
    - SMPS headers
    - Mugen twinloop muffler (car is whisper quiet when putting around and comes alive with more spirited driving)

    Thatís all I think. Happy to answer any questions, please ask away below or send private message. Will look at arranging inspections once Iíve moved house if thereís any interest, otherwise itíll be advertised to the general public. Honestly it was within the first 30 seconds of driving this car that convinced me to buy it, Iím sure itíll convince the next owner the same way.


    PS hereís a few photos

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    Default [vic] eoi: 2001 dc2r

    Popped this on the market this morning, car is now SOLD

    Thanks to those who inboxed me.

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