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Thread: EP3 Type R and the Airbag Recall

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    Default EP3 Type R and the Airbag Recall

    Hi All,

    I recently had a lot of back and forth with Honda Australia and Honda Blacktown regarding my EP3 and the airbag recall.

    Being imports to Australia, Honda Australia conformed they are still responsible to do something about it and suggested I take it to Honda Blacktown to get it inspected to confirm chassis number and airbag details. I went down there and asked them, who then said I had to ring Honda Australia...

    After a few calls to the airbag recall line, Honda Australia then rang and spoke to someone at Blacktown Honda and explained they needed to look at my car.

    Did this last Friday and they removed both modules and took photos which have then been passed to Honda Australia so they can liaise with Honda Japan to work out which modules they are and if they need to be replaced. One of the techs who worked on my car said it may only be the drivers side needing replacement as the passenger one is huge and he hasn't come across anything like it while doing the recall work.

    Will update what I find out as there's a lot of EP3's here in Aus now.

    My wife's FD1 has now had both airbags replaced, so feel safer in her car.

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    Nice work!

    Honestly thought imports would not be covered in the recall.
    Hopefully they can find out soon.

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    I have a friend who owns a Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR going through this same process with Mitsubishi Australia right now. It's nice to know imports are covered although the process isn't as easy. If you have friends with Evo's then please tell them to check if their car is on the recall list! You might just save a life in the process!!!

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